Rob White is a Certified CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor that can assist you in getting the proper training and certification for yourself, your family and even your business and employees!

Rob is now offering CPR/AED, First Aid certification classes.  Rob is an EMS Safety certified instructor that can teach classes at your facility or most any other location.

Is your business OSHA compliant?  Does your child/teen know what to do in an emergency?  Do you need to renew your certifications?    Rob can help!  Let him teach you the skills to save lives in any emergency.

Two year certification card issued the day of class for pre-registered students. 

Basic Life Saving Skills

CPR Only Class   $20.00 per person (3 hours class time)
AED Only Class   $20.00 per person (1 hour class time)
CPR/AED Class  $35.00 per person (4 hours class time)
First Aid Class     $35.00 per person (4 hours class time)
BLS Class - CPR/AED/First Aid for $50.00 per person (8 hours class time)

Community Basic Life Saving Class

This course provides knowledge and skills for emergency life-saving techniques involving infants, children and adults.  Respiratory and cardiovascular distress, non-breathing, unconsciousness, choking, and cardiac arrest are addressed.  Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) are included in our BLS class and First Aid class. Examinations are included in the fees.  In order to become certified, students must pass the Skills test with 100% and the written test with 80%.  Students receive an EMS Safety Services certification card upon successful completion of the BLS, CPR/AED and/or First Aid Exams.

If you are not wanting to become certified, you can take the courses and receive a Certificate of Completion.  This will show that you have taken the course and passed and have the skills, but are not certified.  Course fees for this are 50% off.  You will be able to use these skills, but not present yourself as being certified (for employment or other places that may require you to be certified, for example).

Call us 765-267-1436 or e-mail to, if you have any questions. Contact us to schedule a class today!  Certifications are good for 2 years and renewal options are available!
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